Lincoln Lions Club

What is it?

A mentoring program with Mr. Ault- Lincoln Mentor. He is located in the LLC “Lincoln Lions Clubhouse”, the little white building on the playground. It is an opportunity for students to participate in their rewarded recess events. It is modeled using the 7 Habits & The Leader In Me to provide social-emotional and life skills learning through each individual’s self-discipline.

How does it work?

Every student (who asks for one) will be given a TICKET. This Acts of Kindness Ticket is their way into the club. On the back there are four “acts of kindness” tasks that must be completed. It is up to the student to pro-actively search out and do each objective and check it off when they are done. Two of the objectives require teacher support. Working together with their teacher and applying their own diligence makes it simple to complete. The completed ticket is returned to me with their name and what club event they choose is specified. I keep track of this information.. Students are able to participate in club events on a first come, first serve basis.

How does it help?

Being a leader requires a choice. “Wanting to be a part of the club” is a sense of belonging that leads to the first choice- Habit 1: Be Proactive. This social group or club, as we call it, provides a place to develop good decision making.

What can students do?

At this time, there are several different opportunities with the recess club including: art projects such as posters and bulletin boards, special equipment such as nerf balls and toys, playground clean-up equipment, playground patrol radios, board games, and more!

What does it look like?

Within the clubhouse walls you will find kids busy. The Art Club will be working on their projects. The Playground Patrol will be checking out a radio, preparing for their trained crew to relay problems to the Playground Aides. A member of the Ball club will grab the wall ball with a silent promise to complete the “circle of trust” and return it. The Clean-up Club will write down their name to check out the broom of their choice. It is a place for any student  to come and work on a project, meet with friends, or just to grab what they need for outdoor recess club activities. It is also a place of integrity and responsibility. A place to learn and develop personal life skills and build relationships.

Is it safe and sanitary?

The clubhouse is video monitored and will always have a staff member present. As for Covid-19: We follow all school guidelines of sanitation and social distancing. It is required for everyone to wear a mask at all times.

What is the science behind this?

Empowerment = Engaged. When we empower children toward their own activities, they know they are in control; they are learning using more of their brain! This is the “whole child” paradigm that will magnify every leader’s circle of control. Using the evidence based “7 Habits and Leader In Me” program, we can expect higher academic achievement and improved overall behavior with each club interaction and intervention.

What is the Clubhouse Pledge?

“We strive to be proactive and kind. We are all equal. We are committed to using the eight habits in our daily lives- to be our best self and help others be their best. We do hard things and we never quit. We are proud to be a Lincoln Lion!”

If you'd like to provide feedback or have any questions, please email our school mentor, Mr. Ault.