Help your teacher out this holiday season! Teachers have placed oranaments on the tree in the office. The ornaments have needed items listed on them. You can help by taking an ornament off the tree, purchasing the item, and delivering it to school. You may also find the items listed below and send them to school! Thank you for gifting to your child’s teacher! Merry Christmas!


Items will be added and removed as teachers place ornaments on the tree and items are donated.


Mrs. Seamons


Mrs. Valentiner


Mrs. Bloxham


art supplies

Crayola markers

Papermate Flair pens

Pink pearl erasers

Clorox wipes

1st Grade:

Mrs. Mix

Crayola markers
Expo dry erase markers
white board erasers
Piggie and Elephant books
Pigeon books 
Books in general 🙂

Mrs. Lent

glue sticks

wiggly eyes
fuzzy sticks (colored pipe cleaners)
craft sticks

Ms. Hall

sheet protectors
snack baggies

Mrs. Carpenter

Dry erasers

Crayola classic markers

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Tubbs

glue sticks

board games ( new or used)

AA batteries

hand sanitizer


Mrs. Patterson


Mrs. Human


large baggies

black fine point sharpies

3rd Grade:

Ms. Melendez

double-sided Expo dry erase markers


Teachers Pay Teachers (online store) gift card ($50 or less)

Target gift card ($50 or less)

Barnes and Noble gift card ($50 or less)

Michael’s gift card ($50 or less)

Astro bright cardstock


Mrs. Schroeder


Ms. Blair


Ms. Mussio

4th Grade:

Mrs. Day

Expo Markers
Glue Sticks
Scotch Tape (rolls for a dispenser)
Clorox Wipes
Crayola Markers
Crayola Colored Pencils

Mrs. Alger

Black Expo (Dry Erase)  Markers
Fat yellow highlighters
Heavy duty magnets for the white board
Mr. Sketch scented poster markers
Papermate flare pens
Ink Joy gel pens
Band Aids 
Hand Sanitizer

Mrs. Boyle

Amazon gift card ($50 or less)

Target gift card ($50 or less)

Clorox Wipes
Glue Sticks
Sandwich Ziploc Bags
Gallon Ziploc Bags
Hand Sanitizer
Colored Pencils

5th Grade:

Ms. Remaley


expo markers

Clorox wipes

Mrs. Moffitt

air freshener

Clorox wipes

sandwich bags


Mrs. Emmons

Amazon Gift Card (50$ or less)

Target Gift Card (50$ or less)
Walmart Gift Card (50$ or less)
Scholastic Gift Card (50$ or less)
Expo Markers
Mr. Sketch Markers

Mrs. Fajardo

Specials Teachers:

Mrs. Snow: